Csíkszereda,Márton Áron street No. 2/6 ,Hargita county,Romania 0747-465-407
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Middle of downtown

We already referred to the name of the Old Center Hostel in the heart of Csikszereda, at the end of the old pedestrian street, in the very city center. Its central  and pleasant location can be a good starting point for those who like walks, as the old buildings of the downtown are a few minutes’ far walk from the cultural and historical time.

Best Price Guarantee

Making your reservation on any other booking website will cost you 10-15% more in unnecessary commissions. When you book directly with us there are no commissions to pay. You’ll always find our lowest prices here so you can save your money for your trips!

Great Environment

In addition to preserving the old-fashioned atmosphere of the building, our main goal was to create a friendly home-like environment for the visitor in the rudimentary design. We believe that our rooms have a youthful image, and atmosphere, and the hostel’s facilities and services will offer a pleasant stay, perhaps even a bit of cozy feeling if you are away from home.

Enjoy nightlife

One of the most important cultural pubs in the city is the Ólom Madár.
The diverse, colorful, or even up-coming programs of the ‘cultural pub’ offer a pleasant and good place to relax.

Self catering

Those who want to prepare and eat their own meals benefit of a small kitchen in the foreground of the hostel. It is possible to cook on an electric 4-hoop cooker, either microwaving or to store in a small fridge.  Of course, the dining tables are available for common meals.

Meet New People

Foreign environment, foreign people … maybe it’s a challenge!  Look bravely around yourself!  The youthfulness of our hostel gives us the reason to be open minded, thinking that you have come from far away to meet new people, build new relationships, make friendships. The nearby cafés, pubs, fast food restaurants, cultural institutions, sports facilities or even the surrounding area offer great opportunities for exploring.

We Clean Everyday

An every day activity that we  need to do is to clean up for the sake of cleanliness! Our staff will take care of this inevitable task on a daily basis. Cleanliness, half-health! 


The Old Center Hostel is the first hostel of the town in Csíkszereda in the city center, on the pedestrian street, on Petőfi Sándor and Márton Áron street.
Spacious, and comfortable, three available rooms with a youthful atmosphere, suitable for a total of 16 people. Our rooms are available for up to 4 people with bunk beds ,or bunk beds for up to 8 people and single beds for up to 4 people.

We would like to emphasize that choosing the beds has played an important role in filling the comfort limits, so our beds are different from the one-person average, they have extra size for a more comfortable recreation.

The hostel has a spacious foreground, which is also a “living room”, where meals can be served, and has four well-equipped communal bathrooms.
The hostel offers a full range of free broadband internet and Wi-Fi access.
All these in the city center at an affordable price !